Consolidated Supply Co. retains FCG to conduct its 15th consecutive annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

For the 15th consecutive year, Consolidated Supply Co. (CSCO) has selected FCG to conduct its annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Consolidated Supply is a plumbing and waterworks distributor based in the Pacific Northwest with over 20 locations throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, & Hawaii.

Here's what Consolidated Supply's executives have to say about it's longstanding business relationship with FCG:

- “Because of FCG, we now have focus, direction, teamwork, we have round pegs in round holes, we have increased sales and increased profits.”

Karl Neupert, Past President

- “I’ve been intricately involved with FCG on our CSCO Customer Satisfaction Survey for several years. Without a doubt, this survey has helped our branch teams raise the bar in delivering extraordinary service for our customers. The way Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) goals are tailored based on prior year survey results for each branch make the survey results exceptionally meaningful!”

Bob Bruce, CFO

- "I have worked with Tom O’Connor and the Farmington Consulting Group for over ten years. Tom and his company have been instrumental to the success of Consolidated Supply Co. and how we strategically go about satisfying both our employees (internal customers) and our external customers.

Tom and I have specifically partnered on our annual employee feedback surveys for the past ten years we have been working together. Consolidated’s executive leadership finds great value in the Farmington Consulting Group’s survey processes, reports and Tom’s valued guidance in helping us to address employee feedback so that our company can achieve raving fans both internally and externally.

In wholesale distribution, employees are a company’s greatest asset. FCG realizes and understands this and has helped us achieve high employee satisfaction by giving us ideas and guidance that we have executed and delivered. I look forward to a continued partnership with Tom and Farmington Consulting Group as we together address our ever challenging and changing employment environment."

Pauline Mueller, Human Resources Director

- "Information is our friend! Nobody recognizes or uses that knowledge
better than Tom O'Connor and his company, Farmington Consulting Group (FCG).
The Win-Win is in the information that comes back from our internal and
external customer surveys. It's priceless.

The heart of success for business owners and top management is listening
to their teams who get it done for them. Next step, manage that
information. Tom is clearly the BEST SHEPHERD out there at leading that
journey. This is where it counts most in business success. Tom's magic
is in orchestrating what we hear. He and his company are an outstanding
resource, a company with a GOLDEN HEART.

My company is celebrating 80 years of EXTRA-ordinary service and that's
due in large part to Tom and his TOP TIER group leading the way for
eleven years. It will afford us the opportunity to keep going for at
least another 80 plus years.

My heart overflows with gratitude and reward for Tom's shepherding.
It's a treasure and paramount to the success of my family-owned
business, Consolidated Supply Co. Nobody does it better than Tom O'Connor
and his ability to recognize the power of team and the information from
that team."

Karolyn Neupert, Chairman
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