High Performance Organization Development


At FCG we believe that people working collaboratively together form the basis of competitive advantage in any organization. We helps clients improve financial performance and make their organizations better places to work by ensuring the entire organization system is aligned and set up to deliver on the company's strategic goals. We focus our high performance organization development work on:

Organization Design

A company’s structure determines its ability to execute strategy and adapt rapidly to change. In today’s economic environment, business organizations should be designed to answer several crucial questions:

  • How can we translate our strategic objectives into organizational requirements?
  • How can we align accountabilities with our organization’s configuration?
  • How can we keep our employees highly engaged?
  • How can we improve employee productivity?
  • What characteristics do we need to be a high-performance company?

We help you redesign your organization for high performance. We help you create an organizational climate of trust, goodwill and collaboration in which employees break down barriers and silos and learn to work together to accomplish a common vision and make good things happen. We also help you start and/or develop a team-based organization in which employees take full responsibility for making decisions, solving problems, meeting their goals and continuously improving the quality of their work.

Talent Management

Identifying, developing, and retaining talent is critical to every organization’s success. Your company’s talent management process should be designed to answer several critical questions:

  • How do we build a sustainable, competitive advantage with our people?
  • How can we attract and develop the best talent?
  • How do develop leadership skills throughout the organization?
  • How do we ensure that we have leaders ready at all levels of the organization?
  • How can we develop work force flexibility and agility?

We can work with you to create your talent management process including talent assessment, succession planning, career path planning, training and development, and change management.

Performance Management

There are three key questions companies that achieve sustainable profitability answer “Yes” to:

  • Do you have a performance measurement system that effectively links to achievement of your business strategy?
  • Do you have an incentive compensation plan that contains both individual and team rewards for achieving company strategic goals?
  • Do you have a formal coaching system that keeps everyone in the organization at the highest productivity level and in alignment with your business strategy?

Our approach provides a balanced view that allows our clients to compensate employees on performance results. We design performance management processes that:
  • Link balanced scorecard goal-setting to business strategy.
  • Instill a high performance work culture.
  • Install an incentive compensation plan that rewards employees for achievement of strategic goals.
  • Create powerful coaching feedback mechanism for individual and team development.

Executive Search

FCG successfully provides human capital senior management placements for manufacturers, manufacturers’ representatives, and distributors including president, vice president sales & marketing, vice president human resources, and vice president finance. Every search is different as are each client's hiring needs. Our reputation for quality service stems from our commitment to personalized service, confidentiality, and maintaining the most ethical standards in recruiting.

Executive Coaching

We can serve as an objective, unbiased, wholesale distribution industry-experienced, and confidential sounding board to help you accelerate your personal growth as a leader; and to ensure your company’s profitable growth. FCG helps you focus, reflect, brainstorm, set goals, execute plans, and be accountable to yourself as a leader and to your organization.

Board of Directors/Board of Advisors Facilitator

Our clients retain us because we are highly skilled at facilitating both board of director and board of advisor meetings. We will assist you in selecting the right board members. We will keep your meeting flowing and on time. Everyone will actively participate in a candid and frank manner that ensures topics are challenged with good creative alternatives, and action items are agreed upon.

“If you want a straight answer to a difficult organization development question, hire Tom O'Connor to do the analysis and help you with an action plan to execute. He has an innate ability to speak the truth, find the root cause of problems, and is fantastic at helping someone through the difficulty of implementation.” Steve Helle, Granite City Electric Supply

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“Tom O'Connor was hired to help Nelson & Associates transition from a family-managed business to a professionally-managed organization and position our company for future growth. Everyone in our organization found Tom's approach both refreshing and assuring. Tom has the unique ability to get people to open up and help people formulate their ideas. He facilitated a strategic planning session for us that resulted in several breakthrough strategies that have strengthened our organization. I consider Tom's perspectives and counseling invaluable.” Todd Nelson, Nelson & Associates

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“I asked Tom O'Connor to help transition my Company from a top-down-principal-in-control-type of company to a company where employees are empowered to help guide the business. Were it not for Tom O'Connor and FCG, Wiseway Supply would not be achieving the results we are today.” John Cain, Wiseway Supply

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“Tom O'Connor has the guts and integrity to take on tough subjects and the tact to skillfully discuss topics most consultants would assume you don’t want to discuss. We are a better company as a result of our work with Tom. He is a true professional with real industry experience, strong communication skills and a commitment to his client's success that I have seldom seen in industry consultants” Vic Jury, Summit Electric Supply

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“Tom O’Connor and FCG have done an extraordinary job over the last 15 years helping Consolidated Supply Co. become and sustain itself as an empowered high performance organization. Tom’s magic is in orchestrating the changes that are necessary to the continued success of my family-owned business.” Karolyn Neupert, Consolidated Supply Co.