Market Research

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In addition to tom o’connor and tj o’connor, fcg has programmers and survey analysts on staff guaranteeing you timely execution and completion of your market research.

Understanding markets and customers is the bedrock on which your business strategy is built.

Where is your market headed in the next 12 months? What opportunities can you identify now to grow your market share? Expand your market? Extend into other markets? What products and services are your customers looking for? What are your competitors’ plans?

To answer such critical questions and make sound strategic decisions, you need fresh, insightful information about your industry environment. We have 30 years of distribution channel market research experience, uncovering opportunities to grow your market, increase market share, or penetrate new markets.

Depending upon your specific needs we can conduct online surveys, mail surveys, telephone surveys, personal interviews; or facilitate advisory council meetings or focus groups.

At FCG, the people asking the questions are the same experts doing the analysis. This gives us the unique ability to assess answers in context and probe deeper while interviews are still in progress to gather insight about new market opportunities that would otherwise remain unknown.

You’ll receive frequent updates on what we’re learning. We’ll also regularly solicit your feedback to hone our research in relation to your needs.

Throughout, we’ll maintain strict client confidentiality in all of our research. Interviews will be conducted following the highest ethical standards and in full legal compliance. All information gained will be completely proprietary to your company, and never shared or resold.

When we’ve completed our research and analysis, we’ll present our findings and strategic recommendations to you in a clear, concise report designed to facilitate taking fast action on newly revealed opportunities.

We are experts at:

Read MoreDistributor Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking Surveys

Our distributor customer satisfaction surveys provide not only an accurate assessment of your customer satisfaction, but also provide in-depth competitive comparisons. We measure your overall satisfaction by service category and benchmark it to the median customer satisfaction ratings of over 50 other distributors. We also breakout your customer satisfaction index (CSI) and customer dissatisfaction index (CDI) ratings by branch location, by customer type (primary, secondary, and tertiary customer), and by market. Additionally, we provide specific action plans based on your survey results to improve your customer satisfaction and increase market share.

Read MoreDistributor Preference Telephone Surveys (Competitor Profiling)

Anonymous, third-party administered distributor preference telephone surveys truly unveil the competitive market landscape for distributors. We have experience conducting telephone interviews with distributor’s customers to determine what the views are of all competing suppliers in the area. This is an effective tool for finding out how to gain more business from existing customers and for starting relationships with potential/prospective customers.

Read MoreDistribution Industry Benchmark Surveys

One of the most valuable tools we use with trade associations is the industry white paper. This is an examination of where the industry is today and where it will be five years into the future.

We have conducted industry white papers on "The Rep of the Future", "Eliminating Wasteful Activities in the Sales & Marketing Channel between Manufacturers and Manufacturers’ Representatives", and conduct annual "Manufacturers’ Representatives Performance Analysis Reports (MRPAR)."

Read MoreManufacturer Sales Channel Effectiveness Surveys

For manufacturers who need to make improvements in their sales management, we can help you:

  • Understand the direct sales versus independent manufacturers’ representative channels.
  • Choose the right distribution model and channels.
  • Select the right channel partners.
  • Establish the right performance metrics for channel partners.
  • Protect your channel from competitive influence and pressure.

Read MoreManufacturer Product Research Surveys

Our structured approach to product development yields a clear, unbiased understanding of what is important to customers and identifies the best opportunities to address unmet product needs and deliver compelling value versus the competition.

Read MoreManufacturer Competitor Profiling

We thoroughly analyze your competitive environment to provide the basis for a meaningful competitive advantage. Through our competitor profiling we are able to identify "open space" representing potential differentiation opportunities.

Read MoreEmployee Satisfaction Benchmarking Surveys

Our employee satisfaction benchmarking surveys measure employee satisfaction for both distributors and manufacturers. Our employee satisfaction index (ESI) and employee dissatisfaction index (EDI) ratings are broken out by the following organizational categories: People, Engagement, Leadership, Communication, Teamwork, Performance Management, Training & Development, Pay & Benefits, and Overall Satisfaction. We benchmark your employee satisfaction index (ESI) ratings to the median employee satisfaction ratings of over 20 other companies.

Read MoreFocus Group Research

Great focus groups start with great moderators. We have been organizing and moderating focus groups since 1990. The focus group environment supports examination of rich perceptual information in a group setting. FCG's methodology engages participants in written responses that are then discussed by the group. The dynamics of the group allow participants to "play" off each other's responses, reaching a deeper response level than they had as individuals. In addition, the professional focus group environment affords the opportunity for the client to discretely watch the information unfold and to interject new questions as they come up.

Read MoreAdvisory Councils

Whether it is a Customer Advisory Council, Distributor Advisory Council, or Rep Advisory Council, FCG sets up and manages your Advisory Council to support your unique company strategic goals. Our process significantly streamlines the task of designing, developing and launching your Advisory Council. We take care of design and development, member selection and recruitment, launching and managing your Advisory Council, and even debriefing and determining how to best apply the results you realize from this process.

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“We have recently completed our second Farmington Consulting Group Customer Satisfaction Survey at North Coast Electric. The survey and results review process has delivered clear insight as to how our customers view and value our people, services and solutions. The process is simple and straightforward, focused on foundational issues we can target for improvement. Having TJ O’Connor meet with each of our Managers to review and explain the survey results was a great exercise. It allowed our Managers to focus on both their individual results and the combined results of the entire company.” Mike Miller, North Coast Electric

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“We selected T.J. O’Connor and the Farmington Consulting Group to conduct our first Customer Satisfaction Survey. The results of the survey provided our team with valuable data and information about many facets of our service. We also used T.J. to help our team to better understand where and how to use this information to help address the opportunities for improvement. By engaging T.J. and FCG we have taken a big step to ensure we improve in the areas of need and continue to earn our customer’s business.” Bruce Leff, Leff Electric

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“I have been intricately involved with FCG on our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey for years. Without a doubt, this survey has helped our team raise the bar in delivering extraordinary service for our customers.” Bob Bruce, Consolidated Supply

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“We have utilized TJ O’Connor & FCG several times for our Customer Satisfaction Survey and we have been very pleased with the compilation of the information, and the speed in which they get it to us. We feel that the other advantage of using FCG is that our results are benchmarked not only against our past results, but they are also benchmarked against 45 other distributors in our industry. We find this very helpful, very similar to the benchmarking information we receive on financial indices with the NAED PAR reports.” Bill Goodwin, Griffith Electric Supply

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“Although we felt confident we understood our position with our customers, we had not conducted a customer survey for some time and felt we needed to affirm what we believed, so we hired FCG to survey our customers. Their work by far exceeded our expectations. TJ O’Connor’s command and understanding of the data he presented to us was truly remarkable. We learned some things about our company we did not know before. We will now be able to take the information we gained from the survey and aggressively grow market share by focusing on some key customer segments. There is no way we would have been able to obtain this valuable feedback from our customers had we conducted a survey internally. We wholeheartedly recommend FCG’s survey process to any other distributor.” Steve & Peter Bellwoar, Colonial Electric Supply